Rreth Suzuki

Rreth Suzuki

Did you know that for Suzuki ...

It took more than 100 years to become Suzuki is one of the  largest car manufacturers  in the world. The most important elements of the brand are the innovations that characterize the quality of the car shown in the daily use and their own identity. Why every Suzuki, "accompany" successful its owner in every moment of his life.

The Suzuki  began in Greece in 1967 , where the Sfakianakis Group undertook the exclusive importer of Suzuki cars. It is noteworthy that the Suzuki Motor Corporation, inaugurated its exports, with the first destination Greece. Thus,  Greece became the first country in Europe to assume the exclusive distribution of products S uzuki . 

The range of Suzuki models divided into two categories, the "smart" city cars, which are characterized by flexibility and low fuel consumption and the «off road animals», having excellent performance off-road and give the user a lot of freedom. The "protagonists of everyday life" by category, we could say that is the Suzuki  Swift  and the Suzuki  Grand  Vitara .

The course of Suzuki in Greece is full of hits, compared to all European countries. In particular, Suzuki has at least the last 10 years, a much higher market share than it holds the brand compared with other European markets. Proceedings of the average market share in Europe is about 1.2%, and in Greece is around 3%.

The culmination of success in sales came in  2007,  where Suzuki in Greece reached 5.7% market share in a highly competitive category and became the leader of Suzuki sales in Europe. 

All these successes are based on the organization and the quality of service of Sfakianakis Group and this proved amply in 1996 where Suzuki Motor Corporation awarded to Greece, as the best representation Suzuki in Europe and declared  organization and operation model for all European delegations S uzuki .

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